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Are you a full-time employee? Or you are working on a contract basis for some employer? Or you are a self-employed person? Whatever you are, you need to understand employment law and its implementation in order to protect your rights at workplace. The main objective of this blog is to cater employment and workplace law information. You will also find interpretation of the existing employment laws in this blog. This is not a ‘corporate’ kind of blog in terms of form and content and you are always welcome to share your own thoughts and opinions on any issue discussed herein. If you have had a accident at work you need to know your rights to claim.

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Employment Work Accident

When looking for a legal expert in the UK get free advice from no win no fee solicitors that way you will not be charged a penny. What are the topics discussed here mainly? This blog focuses only on employment related laws and nothing more. United Kingdom Labour Law provides a framework for the employers to ensure safety and security for their employees. On the contrary, workers also can enjoy their fundamental rights. The law protects the rights of the employees working in various industries and safeguards their interests. This blog particularly discusses about UK Employment Law though you will also find information on workplace laws of different countries and related news here.

Employment Law at a Glance

Employment law is a section of the legal system in the England. Whether you are legally verbose or not, reading the following section would provide you with a comprehensive idea about essence of the English employment law.

  • Rights at work: These rights depend on the statutory (fundamental) rights and the contract of employment laws. If you are working somewhere and you are contract bound, keep in mind that the fundamental rights that you enjoy being a citizen of the UK cannot be taken away from you just because the contract terms and conditions are different and stricter. A broad understanding of the rights at work can be explored inside.
  • Statutory rights: Statutory rights are the basic rights that you can enjoy regardless of where you work. Statutory rights include right to get written terms of employment, right to get itemised salary slip, right to get the national minimum wage etc. More about these fundamental rights can be found inside.
  • Claiming against employer: You, as an employee, have the basic right to claim recompense from your organization if you are unfairly terminated. You can also claim recompense if you are made redundant during employment.
  • Work Injury Compensation: If you have been injured in your workplace, you can claim work injury compensation. This blog illustrates the provisions for filing compensation claim cases against the employers for workplace accidents that result from loopholes in the health and safety infrastructure of an organization. You can also claim compensation for harassment and discrimination.

Stay tuned with us to stay updated about employment and workplace law.

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